MiKiDo Foundation

Youth Programs

Empowering the next generation locally and internationally 

MiKiDo Foundation works to provide activities and opportunities for young people to grow, invest and believe in themselves. We have partnered with many different organizations and communities to make an impact in the lives of children and teenagers. 

Locally, we have been able to support local organizations such as Second Story and MiKiDo Inc. Internationally, we have worked and continue to work with communities in Honduras and Ecuador.

Our mission in these communities is specifically targeted towards vulnerable children and teenagers who are susceptible to lack of education, poor nutrition, and inadequate family support. Children in low-income areas are exposed to the dangers of street life, which include gang membership, violence, and drug use. We aim to promote a positive impact and give young people the opportunity to flourish despite their given circumstances.


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Supporting Second Story

Supporting Second Story Second Story, previously known as Alternative House located in FairFax County, Virginia, is an organization that changes the lives of children, youth,

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