MiKiDo Foundation

Locally Serving MiKiDo's Amateur Team

In the Youth Development area, the MiKiDo Foundation has sponsored and directed the MiKiDo Amateur Team since 1989 , to date the team has won over 133 National and International Team Title Belts. Led and coached by Master Mike Hess from 1989-2009 and  from 2010 to present by Master Brent Hess, the winning legacy continues.  Emphasizing that becoming a champion takes discipline, hard work and a good attitude. The goal of a MiKiDo Champion is to be a champion in and out of the ring- a Champion in life with their Powerful Way.

It takes a major commitment of time and financial resources to train, travel and participate as an amateur competitor. Our organization gives many local kids an avenue to invest in themselves. We try and provide our youth with opportunities that they would not necessarily have, by giving them a structured sport as a positive alternative to idleness. Sports have opened the door for many individuals; it has been used for motivation, learning, self-assurance, self-control and numerous other reasons. Whatever the reasons, countless children have been enriched by youth sports.

Influenced by athletes and adults in our community, we believe it is imperative that children not only learn the fun of sports/activities but the significance of it also. It is important to build character, integrity, and discipline in our youth because today’s kids are tomorrow’s adults. Academics strengthen the mind and athletics strengthen the will. Both are essential to the development of healthy and strong individuals.