MiKiDo Foundation

Seniors Program


The MiKiDo Foundation provides innovative programs and aid for elders to improve their wellness, nutrition, and fitness. In low-income areas, it is common to find elders neglected and struggling day by day. Many elders, around 65 or older, do not have the strength or capacity to provide a stable, healthy living for themselves. In low-income areas, a lot of the elders rely on community aid or help from immediate family members to survive. However, the struggles of poverty remain an obstacle to everyone living in low-income communities.

We are driven to help these elders succeed in their daily struggles. MiKiDo Foundation wants to help through both immediate relief and long-term relationships. We have established long-term relationships in different communities in Ecuador. Through these connections we have been able to provide elders with healthy living consisting of nourishment and wellness. Our goal is to expand our outreach to other local and international communities.


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