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Impacting Ecuador

Ecuador, home to the Hess family, has always been a special place filled with tight knit communities. This small South American country filled with so much love is also a third world country that has high poverty rates. 

Since 1995, the MiKiDo Foundation have been sponsoring, “Valley Feliz”an orphanage in Santo Domingo, Ecuador. They make yearly donations of clothes, schools supplies, food, medical supplies. In 2009 we were able to donate a refrigerator. Our impact is not only in Santo Domingo but also in the outskirts of Pangua, Ecuador.

With the funds received and the help from volunteers we were able to distribute a much-needed care package and handmade masks to low income residents in Pangua, Ecuador. These packages are made and delivered monthly. What goes in side depend on the season and what is most needed. 

The year 2020 has been a rough year for all especially to those that have lost their jobs and are not able to recover financially. We are grateful to be able to give give to those that needed it the most.


The impact of donating...


A $15 dollar donation can:

  • feed an elderly couple for two weeks 
  • pay for a senior wellness check with a doctor/nurse
  • it can buy a mask, pair of boots, shirt and pants
  •  provide clothes for the winter
  • provide hygienic needs 
  • provide over the counter medicine
  • be used for transportation
  •  cover a cellphone bill

Our Care Packages...


Most of our care packages usually include food supplies such as beans, rice, flour, and oatmeal. We also include hygiene products and handmade masks. 

Depending on high demand needs we also donate seasonal items. For example, in the winter we donate jackets, hats, scarfs, and blankets. In the summer we donate shorts and shirts. 

All of our donations are sent with care a lot of love. We also enjoy giving notes of encouragement. Our care packages are made and sent with the goal of making a difference and impacting the lives of those who need it.

Learn About the Families we are Supporting...

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