MiKiDo Foundation

Families Program

The importance of family is central to the mission of MiKido Foundation. We acknowledge the struggles of families around the world. These struggles may be financial or social. With the help of our team and donors we are able to provide programs to create vibrant communities through civic engagement and healthy relationships. 

Major problems in families from extremely low-income areas include malnutrition, viral infections, parasites, allergies, and lack of good health habits and education.  In underdeveloped countries it is very common to find members of the low-income population working in the streets or asking for money in order to obtain their only meal for the day.

 Often entire families can be seen searching through mountains of trash to obtain food discarded by others or collecting cans to sell. Many families have become accustomed to these unhealthy living conditions. MiKiDo Foundation’s goal is to promote human dignity and act with solidarity.

Our outreach is not only within the United States, it extends to developing countries in Central America as well. And we have also been able to start our mission in vulnerable communities within Ecuador. 

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