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Supporting Brazos Solidarios in Honduras

La Lima- Department of Cortés- Honduras

La Lima was founded in 1871, on May 29, 1923 it was annexed to the municipality of San Pedro Sula. The population is 80,404 people, which is made up of 38,141 men and 42,263 women. Approximately, 47% of the population has a basic level of educational and 24% of the population works in the Manufacturing Industry.

Catastrophic Events

Unfortunately, in November 2020, La Lima was directly affected by Hurricane ETA. It was later left in worse conditions after Hurricane Iota resulting in massive destruction that displaced majority of the population. In addition to the displacement, COVID-19 Cases had been rising in the year 2020 resulting in many deaths. Two years later, Honduras  still faces many obstacles such as food insecurity, displacement, and the climate crisis. 

Our Call to Action

The MiKiDo Foundation has partnered with “Brazos Solidarios” foundation. We have ben able to serve more than 100 children through our donations. We were fortunate enough to donate a kitchen with an oven and a refrigerator to the children’s charity dining room. In the month of December 2021, a celebration was held in which snacks and gifts were distributed to more than 100 children. 

The MiKiDo Foundation wants to continue its partnership with “Brazos Solidarios” and contribute to their mission. We are also working to expand our out reach on Honduras and help them in different ways. 


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